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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tammy Baldwin gets an opponent…

who’s running to her left.

I guess that’s possible - somebody moving to Baldwin's left - in the “me buying Bud Light and liking it” vein (see preceding post).

Anyway, his name’s Dave St. Amant, and he made his announcement in the Capitol Times, which is probably a good idea because that’s where “his people” probably are.

On the down side, he spends more time bitching about the Bush Administration than explaining his agenda and his entire worldview comes direct from 1968 – which gives him a lot in common with the average Madison lefty but is unlikely to sway many people outside Madison’s Isthmus and/or who work for a living.

Oh, and he needs a new campaign slogan.

On the other hand, he is running against Tammy Baldwin, which makes him all good in my book. He writes:

Tammy Baldwin, although a wonderful person and a successful congresswoman, has fallen into this same pattern. She has not taken a public stand on any of the vital issues... She has failed to take a stand for what is right... She has refused to lend voice to the truth...

The people of the 2nd District deserve better. I know I can deliver what they deserve.
There’s a lot of agreement in the comments:

Tammy Baldwin has consistently frittered away her political capitol on the same sort of token stances and silly memorial days that Hillary is fond of. Check her record.

Tammy was great when first elected, but she has sold out a little more each term.

Tammy Baldwin is supporting Hillary Clinton who voted for the Iraq war - before she was against it.

…what has Baldwin done to take back our country and to fix the things the current admin has broken? Just because she's on the left it doesn't mean she's doing anything worthwhile
Okay, so there’s some disagreement, too, but those people have obviously sold out just as bad as Baldwin has.

Odds are this guy isn’t going to get Baldwin to even notice him, much less give her a scare. Still, one can hope. That’s what Obama says, anyway. Run, Dave, run!