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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What is Al Ott thinking

This is the kind of stuff that just pisses me off about the Wisconsin State GOP

What the hell is Al Ott Republican River Forest doing as a co-sponsor of this state wide smoking ban

Rep Ott why are you helping the Socialists attack our private property rights?

How the hell are we suppose to give money to the State GOP when they have members doing shat like this?

Shame on you Mr. Ott you should be standing up for Private Property Rights not helping attack them.

This is another example of why I tell people I am Conservative or Libertarian I would never call myself a Republican I have too much self respect.

Where is the GOP leadership on this why are they not doing something about this.

Just when you start to believe they have gotten their heads out of their asses the State GOP proves they cannot be trusted.