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Thursday, March 05, 2009

An Issue Republicans North & South of the LaBoygan Line Can Agree On

And what better issue than guns:
Handguns would get more expensive in Wisconsin under Gov. Jim Doyle’s budget proposal.

The Democratic governor’s spending plan would increase background check fees from $8 to $30, a move that could affect tens of thousands of gun buyers. Republicans pounced on the idea. Rep. Scott Suder, R-Abbotsford, branded it “outrageous.’’ “Gun owners should not be unfairly taxed when legally purchasing a firearm to help Governor Doyle balance his budget,’’ Suder said in a statement.

The hike is exorbitant. I think most gun owners and prospective gun owners would support an increase to cover the state's costs, and would even support an additional increase if the the state was honestly trying to cut costs in order to solve budget problems and still needed additional funds. But most of us are smart enough to see that this is just another money grab by the Democrats at the expensive of their opponents.

(By the way, I think I've coined the term "LaBoygan Line," referring to that invisible line that runs from La Crosse to Sheboygan. Feel free to use it yourself.)