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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Milwaukee Media in full "Pretty White Girl Syndrome"

I am sorry I have to ask this question as the Whole Milwaukee Media goes nuts over the story of Madison Kiefer the 15 year old "Pretty White Girl" from an affluent suburb of Milwaukee who OD the other night.

If she did not look like this

Would they and we care?

I mean if she had been a 15 year old black girl who had died in front of a house lets say near 4th and Center would the story have been on the front page for a couple of days now? Would Charlie be talking about the story on his show?

As a parent I feel for the Father of this girl I would not wish that hell on anyone so I am not saying this is not a tragedy I am just wondering if this would be handled differently if this was not a pretty white girl.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?