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Monday, September 08, 2008

Oh, right, Fighting Bob Fest was on Saturday.

Convention fatigue and a family event in Racine over the weekend caused me to completely forget: Fighting Bob Fest, the annual uber-liberal "Progressive" shrill-fest took place two days ago in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Not even a mile from my house.

And here I've written nothing. Not one snarky comment.

I shall rectify this.

First off, let's give 'em some props: FBF has been a successful event. They started off in 2002 with about a thousand people. This year's estimate – if it can be believed – was 10,000. That's about double what it's been the last couple years.

Even if this estimate is off, there's no denying it's a successful event. They don't charge admission, they draw national-level speakers, and they run in the black.

Yes, Tee Bee, I'm being a nice guy. I have ulterior motives – in the first Burri/Robinson administration, FBI Director Dorwin is gonna have to keep track of these people, and getting them all together in the same place at the same time will make that easier.

Anyway. FBF organizer Ed Garvey's favorite anti-politician Ralph Nader spoke at length:

Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader gave a biting speech to kick off the morning's events. He targeted what he called, "least, worst" voters, or voters who he says cannot tolerate another four years of a Republican as president.

"The question is whether or not we get a Republican in disguise," Nader said, referring to Democrat Barack Obama.
Yeah! A "Republican in disguise" like Obama!

"We're seeing similar parties." Nader said. "Measure the Democratic control of Congress and ask how much of Bush's legislature have they rolled back? Have they even tried to impeach?"
No they haven't, those corporatist tools!

To the cheers of the audience, he praised Wisconsin U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold for introducing legislature to censure President Bush, and called Bush the "most impeachable president in American history."
Yeah, Russ Feingold, who said just last month:

…"He (McCain) is not a guy who wants to be chummy-chummy with political leaders of the party. He doesn't like that sort of constraint. He's an independent," said Feingold. "So he somehow managed to become the nominee of the Republican Party. But we all know it's not because he was somebody that was kissing up to the Republican establishment, to say the least."

"He's a great guy to fight an uphill battle with legislatively. He keeps his word. . . . I probably shouldn't be saying this stuff, but to be honest about it, it was one of the better professional experiences I've ever had in my life," Feingold said.
Huh. That's…um…that's a little off script, huh? I wonder what Nader was thinking.


Nader said President Harry Truman first laid down an example for affordable health care, and European nations achieved health care, labor and trade reforms shortly after World War II because of strong political lobbying.

"The two parties, for 63 years, have yet to get that done. How many more votes are we going to give them?" Nader said.
No More Votes! No More Votes!

Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney spoke next. She called herself a "black woman who dares to dissent in a world that does not allow it."

"Fighting Bob fought for workers, though the Democrats or Republicans have not mentioned NAFTA, or a living wage. I want a national living wage," McKinney said.
Those Republicans and Democrats – they don't have the people's best interests at heart! Fighting Bob attendees should definitely vote for Nader or McKinney. Really, if you're true to your ideals, you just haven't got any choice!

All ten thousand of you!