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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Okay, one more:

The guy in the funny hat is John Ruberry, aka Marathon Pundit (a real character, him). Picture by Backyard Conservative Anne Leary, a Rice Lake expatriate. They're both Chicago-area.

Wherever I went at the convention, I handed out business cards and described myself as "the smallest blogger at the convention."

It's funny, see, because I'm tall.

Might also have been true, from a traffic-wise point of view. Anyway, I'm sticking with it until somebody proves me wrong. Another funny thing: I thought I was being really clever bringing business cards. Ha! A blogger with business cards!

Yeah. Everybody had business cards.

I'd thought about doing a post just about the different bloggers I met at the convention. Problem being, there were so many, and I'd hate to leave somebody out.

And yet, I press on.

Let's see: there was Skye, from Philadelphia, who blogs at Midnight Blue. She's a self-described conservative Democrat who thinks she can drive traffic to her site by posting beefcake photos.

She's also a photographer who took a bunch of great pictures at the convention.

There were Derek Brigham (who looks like Tom Arnold) and Matt Abe, both of whom blog at True North, a Minnesota-based blog (UPDATE - their membership includes Ed Morrissey, Col. Joe Repya, and King Banaian, all of whom I was priveleged to meet in St. Paul).

Matt also blogs at North Star Liberty.

Shay Riley, from Chicago, who writes at Booker Rising.

Dr. Bill Smith, from Arkansas, who had a lot of advice for me on blog marketing, and who blogs at the ARRA News Service.

The Mad Irishman, Sheridan Folger, a real Irishman who lives in New Hampshire.

Michael Bates, from Tulsa, who blogs at BatesLine and kinda looks like French Stewart.

Stix, of Stix Blog.

Eric Golub, aka The Tygrrrr Express.

Katherine Morrison, who blogs at PurplePeopleVote and Blogs4McCain. She's from New Hampshire.

Fausta, originally from Puerto Rico and now from New Jersey, who blogs at the aptly named Fausta's Blog.

I also briefly met A-list bloggers Ed Morrissey, Ed Driscoll, Mary Katherine Ham, and Jim Hoft, of Gateway Pundit.

Man, I just know I'm forgetting somebody. There were a number of guys from News Busters, Redstate, and Americans for Tax Reform. Joshua Trevino.

Oh, there was Danny Glover - the conservative blogger, not liberal actor - who has a project called It's kinda like Youtube, but for conservatives. Check it out.

Anyway, I'm going to add a lot of these to a new "non-Badger" section of our blogroll. And to my list of rss feeds. I don't know how I'm going to keep up with my rss feeds.