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Thursday, September 04, 2008

J.B. Van Hollen

I learned from my mistakes when interviewing Wisconsin A.G. Van Hollen. No repetition of the shadowy faces and iffy audio: no sir!

Of course, for some reason I didn’t use my tripod, so the video gets a little wobbly sometimes. But at least it wasn’t the same mistake!

On to A.G.J.B. First off, he thinks Republicans can take Wisconsin this year:

Now, watch this. I ask him a question about him and his job, and he turns his answer into a pro-McCain statement:

That was a nice little bit of ju-jitsu there. Finally, a long-winded question about ACORN and whether they’re going to steal an election here in Wisconsin:

I asked him about his future political plans, and he said that while he never closes the door, he’s planning to run for re-election as the A.G. in 2010.

By the way: Van Hollen has been doing some convention-blogging of his own. Pretty good blogging, too, with pics from the floor and video and some guest bloggers from among the delegates and other Wisconsin political folks. Here's the link. Tell 'em you came from the BBA.