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Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Code Pinksters

By now you've likely heard that two members of the anti-war group Code Pink infiltrated the Republican National Convention during John McCain's speech.

They entered right below where I was sitting (Owen was there, too, and may have gotten video). They held up banners which were quickly taken away. Security responded quickly. One left with little resistance, the other with quite a bit more.

I have two thoughts: one, that's gutsy. Sure, I dislike their position intensely. Yes, I know that all they want is to be on the news complaining about police brutality. And maybe to file a lawsuit and get some free money.

Still, that took guts.

Two: where'd they get the passes? I can't think of any way that wouldn't require them to act dishonestly.

It was funny the way I began noticing everything of the color pink on the floor afterward. You, lady with the hat trimmed with the bright pink boa: you look suspicious to me.