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Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain picks Palin


Oh yeah, I called this:


Both Either McCain and or Obama will choose female Vice Presidential candidates.

Yes, I waffled on this prediction right after I made it.

Bonus prediction: the term “running mate” will quickly fall from favor.
But I also agreed with this:

Sarah Palin will not be the Republican VP nominee, okay? She won't. Maybe in '12 or '16 (depending on who wins in '08), but not now. She just had a baby in April. The baby has Down's Syndrome. She is not running for vice president this year.
Although, if it were the father of a baby with Down’s Syndrome, would anyone be concerned?

I am a little concerned about her experience – only two years as Governor. She was active in state-level politics before that, but…well, I’ve been pretty critical of Democrats choosing Obama for exactly this reason.

On the other hand, maybe McCain chose her just to goad Democrats into talking about experience. This from Talkleft, via Instapundit:

Let me also add that when Tim Kaine, who has exactly the same experience as Palin, was treated by the Media and the Dems as a serious and acceptable potential pick, it opens up charges of a double standard.