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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Drill, drill, drill!

Sean, the new Online Communications Advisor for the Senate Republican Conference, passed this on from Glenn:
Why Offshore Drilling Can Bridge Gap to U.S. Energy Future.
The Democratic and Republican conventions have arrived amidst a litany of calls for government-sponsored energy projects on the level of Apollo. Despite progress in fields from solar to wind and batteries to biofuels, Popular Mechanics’ editor-in-chief says Americans should be careful what we wish for—scientists have more to offer than politicians.

Sean also asked what I was up to this weekend, and I'm sorta embarrassed to say I'm waiting for my new best friend, Joe Biden - we've been emailing - to invite me out to Kennebunkport or wherever it is the family gathers for summer holidays. I hope he sends the jet, not the chopper - I hate to fly in anything that's held together with a 'Jesus bolt'.