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Thursday, August 28, 2008

"A significant difference between WMC and WEAC," indeed.

One becomes accustomed to a certain amount of self-delusion among political junkies, both Left and Right, but, wow. Paul Soglin has re-set the standard here:

I find a significant difference between WMC and WEAC. I admit that my opinion my be colored by my politics, but the issue ads purchased by WEAC are far more accurate than the poisonous, deceptive commericals aired by WMC.
Yes, very different. Like the WEAC ad, which the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s Mike McCabe – no Kool-Aid-drinking Rightie, him – called: “one of the trashiest political ads I've ever seen. Pure sleaze.”

Right-wing commentators – myself included, Charlie Sykes included – were quite critical of Gableman’s and/or WMC’s anti-Butler ads. Partisanship must be more important to Soglin than to us.

Soglin continues:

There is a second more significant difference between WMC and WEAC.

WEAC's funds come from its Wisconsin members. WMC's funds, predominately, come from out of state corporations like Home Depot, Wal-Mart, General Electric, and insurance companies. It is estimated that for every $4 million raised by WMC that between one half and two-thirds comes from these out of state corporations.
Admit it: you’re stunned into silence. The complete denial - it can't possibly be ignorance - of what WEAC and WMC are is simply gobsmacking in its delusional depth.

I, like you, am stunned...nearly to silence, but as a self-declared pundit, I soldier on. I work past it. For you. The reader.

Soglin is aware that WEAC is a union, right? And that union dues are mandatory. Right? You can’t work in a union shop without paying the dues. You can’t be a public school teacher without being a member of WEAC. Without paying the dues.

The dues WEAC uses to fund its political agenda.

WEAC’s “Wisconsin members” are members whether they like it or not. WEAC takes its political positions on behalf of all its members, whether they like it or not. They're stuck.

WMC’s supporters, on the other hand, may leave that organization any time they see fit. They don't have to help pay for WMC's political agenda. They don't have to be associated with it. No one is forcing WMC's members - the way WEAC's members are forced - to take part.

That's a difference, all right.