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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last chance, Hillary!

HotAir links to this from the Las Vegas Sun:

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama are working on a deal to give her some votes in the roll call for the Democratic presidential nomination, but quickly end the divided balloting in unanimous consent for Obama.

Democratic officials involved in the negotiations said Monday the idea is that at the start of the state-by-state vote for the presidential nomination Wednesday night, delegates would cast their votes for Clinton or Obama.

But the voting would be cut off after a couple of states, the officials said, perhaps ending with New York, when Clinton herself would call for unanimous backing for Obama from the convention floor. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity while the deal was being finalized.

Clinton said she has told her delegates she will vote for Obama, but she would not instruct them how to vote.
Wouldn’t it be fun if Clinton were ahead in the count at the moment she steps forward to cut the voting off?

And wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall while Obama's people discuss preventing that, and also what to do if she doesn't step forward on cue?

More from the DNC: wanna see some more pics of former-Clinton-now-McCain voters?

Pajamas Media has them.

My favorites: