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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Re: Last Chance, Hillary!


I turned my TV on just as New Mexico was going on and on about how beautiful their state is. Whoever was speaking yielded to Illinois, which then yielded to New York, and after a lengthy speech whoever that was yielded to Hillary, who moved to stop the voting and nominate Obama by acclimation.

The chair asked for ayes (roar!), then asked for nays and instantly declared that the ayes had it. No chance for any holdouts to make any noise. There was some noise, but you couldn't tell if it was wannabe-nayers or just a more general cheer.

It was quite a dramatic thing to do. Historic. A very cool ending to the nomination drama.

I am so disappointed.

So now I'm looking to see what the delegate counts were at the time Hillary made her motion. Haven't found it yet.