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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Libertarians debate, but nobody listens

Okay, so that’s not fair. They got some media coverage, so their positions did get out to the public, even though the public didn’t attend.

WISCONSIN DELLS — Third Congressional District Libertarian candidates Ben Olson III and Kevin Barret faced off in a small debate Sunday night aboard Capt. Chris Soma's boat in Wisconsin Dells.

The two called the debate to give the public an opportunity to hear their perspectives on the health care system, Social Security, the war in Iraq and more. A dozen members of the public, including family and friends, attended the debate.
The story lists views on social security, health care, the economy, education, the war, etc. Answers were typically libertarian, although not hard-core libertarian – no calls for abolishing social security, for example. And Barrett said he supports a single-payer health care system, although “that doesn’t mean I believe in it philosophically.”

Way to have it both ways, Kev. Love how they misspelled your name throughout the story.