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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So I've had the Democratic National Convention on the TV since I came home...

...and it's nowhere near as much fun as the Olympics. Speech after speech after speech after speech after speech, either complaining about how things are and/or blaming President Bush and/or horrified that McCain might become president, seeing as how things are so bad already.

Okay, so they do say this or that about a new "greener America." Fine, I guess, as long as they're not talking about the color balance on my TV.

They really do seem to be stressing that greener America theme. I missed Baldwin's and Doyle's speeches (I guess I could go looking for the transcripts). At least one of them was supposed to talk about health care. That would've been gut wrenching, I'm sure.

Until Gov. Mark Warner (Virginia, I think?) came on, nobody was even listening. Or it didn't seem so. Lots of milling around going on, and who can blame them? How many speeches can the average human being listen to?

So I'm coming to the conclusion that these speeches are really nothing more than ego bonuses for a whole bunch of mid-majors who can't quite qualify for a January bowl.