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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Deb Bartoshevich isn’t the only one

Seen in Denver: a Hillary shirt; a McCain button. On the same woman, and no, she’s not blind.

Thirty-five years I voted Democrat, I'm voting for John McCain. I'd rather have four years of John McCain and the same and have a chance that Hillary will come back and win than have Barack Obama, who talked about change and hope with no substance. I'd just rather have McCain in. I think we have a better chance with McCain on terrorism.
It’s true: if Obama wins, Clinton would have to wait at least four, more likely eight years, and even then might have to run against an incumbent V.P. Elect McCain, and she gets another shot in only four short years. If the words “President Clinton” make you smile (from satisfaction, not amusement), you may want to take note.

Although I wonder how many readers of this blog smile at those words.