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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Re: Lance

Okay, I have a couple of replies to Lance, so I've decided to condense them into one post.

Re: "No beer"
This should put me near the top of the genetic pool. The lovely Mrs. Jib will be relieved to hear that. The traditional name for our first child shall be Iron Liver.

Re: Sign you've been on the internet
I've still only got a 50% chance of pronouncing it right. And this from a guy who someone thought his last name was O'Jetboy just yesterday.

Re: Impeachment
It takes Dems a little longer to think things through. Once they realize this stands to hurt Barack Carter Obama, they'll back off.

Re: Reading comprehension
C'mon, we all know Xoff only comprehends every third word. It was your fault that he didn't understand it. And etiquette? Pshaw.