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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

This would be like the pot calling the kettle black...

...except in this case, the kettle is actually blue.

Liberal blogger Illusory Tenant takes issue with my column about Epic's boycott of WMC. He calls it a “ramble about 'sacrifice' and 'courage.'”

At something called Fox Politics, Lance Burri uses this item as a springboard to ramble about "sacrifice" and "courage" which, for one thing, aren't necessary components of heroism and for another, two things I didn't even mention, let alone attribute to Epic Systems.
Just a technical note: using quote marks in that way makes it look as though he's actually quoting something. He isn't. I did use the word “courageous,” but not sacrifice or courage.

Anyway, he goes on:

It's always nice to get a link — even if it is for the benefit of readers of Fox Politics, whatever that is — but it would be even nicer if the linker actually read what it is they're linking to.
It is nicer when the linker actually reads what they're linking to. I did, he didn't.

The only reason I linked to IT is: he called Epic’s CEO a “corporate heroine.” My whole point was to dispute that description. I had no interest in rebutting the rest of his post.

But I'll rebut now. Heroism does often require sacrifice, or at least risk. Knowingly accepted risk. Heroism does require courage. You do the right thing even though you could be hurt by it. Can anybody think of an example of heroism – even a hypothetical example – that doesn’t include this?

Epic’s move required very little courage, because it included very little risk. That’s my point. Therefore, if what Epic did is “heroism,” then the word has lost all meaning. Clearly it has no meaning for IT.