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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Summerfest Redux

The Virtual Army controversy that recently got a few of us all riled up here in Wisconsin resurfaces in Minnesota. James Lileks reports:

Some people are upset that the Duluth airshow will include a video game that lets you fight terrorists. From the article:

“Some community members are calling for a boycott of the Duluth Air Show because of a combat simulation that U.S. Army recruiters will bring to the show.
And if that’s not familiar enough:

Somehow a sim about saving relief workers by blowing up terrorists is BAD, but a game in which one plays a criminal who drives around town running over pedestrians is okay. I’d say boys are getting mixed messages, but they’re probably not listening to the boycotters on either side.
The Summerfest people should give the Duluth airshow people a call before they do something they'll later regret.

Although...they do live in Minnesota. Willingly, one assumes. So their threshhold for regret is probably higher than ours.