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Friday, July 04, 2008

The idea is to make up a random-seeming rule to help you make a decision…

…something that seems unrelated to the decision at hand. No, not unrelated: meaningless. For example:

3. I'm not sure what color car to purchase so I decide to purchase the color of the next car that drives by my house.
Ann Althouse writes:

And do you have any good examples of using this sort of decisionmaking — colorful and exciting rules you've made for yourself? Obviously, there are a lot of standard ways approaches like rolling the dice or consulting the Magic 8 ball, but how about some weird stuff? Or why not make up a rule for yourself about something right now and do it? Got a decision to make? Make it based on something strange and as-yet-undetermined. And tell us about it.
Anyway, I decided to make a rule that I would blog about the very next thing I read, no matter what it was. Then I got a cup of coffee, then I realized that I hadn't finished reading the post which gave me the idea. Which meant that the same post that gave me the idea to write about the very next thing I read was the very next thing I read.

So. Here. I'm writing about it.