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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Chicagoan gets time for fake Packer tix

Green Bay - A Chicago man convicted of selling fake Green Bay Packers tickets has been sentenced to five months in jail in Wisconsin.

Twenty-seven-year-old Donnie Latham will get credit for 112 days he's already spent behind bars.

Latham was arrested in January for selling counterfeit tickets before a playoff game. A fan who bought tickets from Latham called authorities after discovering they were fake.

Judge Kendall Kelley on Tuesday also sentenced Latham to five years of probation, ordered him to do 25 hours of community service in Green Bay and to stay away from Lambeau Field.
Did he have to pay back the money? What about the pain and suffering those fans went through?

They give readers a chance to sound off in the comments:

YOU DECIDE: What should the punishment have been?
I think the real question is: where in Wisconsin is he doing time, and with whom? Five months in a Green Bay jail with nothing but Packers fans for roommates (not to mention guards) sounds pretty good.

Do they still do homemade tattoos in jail?