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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hercules is all done now.

The river’s been shifted back to its usual path.

Dell Creek once again flows through the Lake Delton dam, but much work remains before water fills the lake.
You remember: Dell Creek fed Lake Delton, until Lake Delton decided to bash its way to the Wisconsin River the hard way. The river kept flowing along that new route after the floods were over.

(The Village of Lake Delton’s) contractor finished a coffer dam Thursday to return Dell Creek to its old channel. The coffer dam redirects the Dell Creek flowage from Mirror Lake back to the channel it had before it breached the ground at Anchor Bay and cut a channel to the Wisconsin River. Diehl said getting the creek back into the channel was the first priority to stop it flowing through the breach.


The next steps for the village's work on the lake include stabilizing banks and tapering the slopes. However, much of that work may be part of rebuilding County Highway A. The work on Highway A has been turned over to the state so it qualifies for 80 percent federal funding with the state picking up the remainder.
Seems like it's been a long time, but there's still places where the floods still haven't receded. Bridges are still out in some places, and Portage just got their main access to the interstate back.

Of course, they're still doing construction on Portage's main drag, so getting through there is still a pain.