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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Breaking News: Brett Favre Uses Text Messaging

An update to the story that broke like a built-up piece of land in Lake Delton earlier today:

Favre's response to report: 'It's all rumor'

Retired quarterback Brett Favre responded quickly to an ESPN report about a possible return to play for the Green Bay Packers by saying, "It's all rumor."

When queried about a possible media firestorm, Favre text messaged, "No reason for it."
Excuse me? Brett Favre uses text messaging? The good-ol', down-home, aw-shucks farmboy who wanted to retire so he could spend more time with his tractor?

I don't even use text messaging.

NOTE: if I were a rumor-peddling newspaperman trying to sell papers by peddling an exciting but unlikely rumor, I'd point out that what Favre never actually denied the report.

But I'm not, so I won't.