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Friday, March 07, 2008

Racine Native - The Next Winter Soldier?

Her name is "Jen" and now lives in St. Paul.

Little Green Footballs excerpts heavily from the source.
“It didn’t truly dawn on me until pretty recently that those guys probably died and it’s my fault,” says Jen, who moved to St. Paul from Racine, Wisconsin, in January.

The small, 125-pound brunette says she broke open the flameless heater from her Army Meals Ready to Eat packet and spliced its magnesium, iron, and salt-based contents into a cigarette, offering the toxic treat to the unwitting prisoners. ...
Charles Johnson doubts the veracity of the story from the beginning. I don't know about that in any event it sounds like yet another attempt to use a tactic that has been tried over & over to no avail.

Theodore Dalyrymple in National Review once wrote a story about his work inside one of Britain's prisons. The theme was how tempting it was to lord over and maltreat prisoners because they were prisoners, convicted of a crime and he was not a prisoner guilty of no crime.

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