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Thursday, March 06, 2008

I know I said I wanted Clinton to win...

...because she'd be less apt to make major mistakes; and then I said I wanted Obama, because I've got a great idea for a column to write if he gets it; but now I'm swinging back to Clinton again.

My preferences in the Democrat primary are swinging more wildly than the Dow Jones.

Why? Because Ed Garvey says:

We are in for a ride today. Will Texas (of all places) and Ohio (of all places) knock the Chair of the DLC Dream Initiative , Hillary Clinton, out of the contest and give the Democratic Party back to the people? Or will those voters give Senator Clinton the momentum she and her happy band of advisers (Mark Penn--"Don't blame me!") need to move on?
I can't wait to watch him rationalize backing Hillary Clinton after the things he's said about her so far.

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