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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

So Clinton was the big winner last night...

...picking up wins in Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island, while Obama got Vermont.

Despite that, Clinton only picked up a net 23 delegates - Obama still leads by 134 (according to this count). Including those Superdelegates who've committed themselves, Obama leads by 95.

And the number of delegates yet to be won is dwindling fast. Only 743 regular delegates (there are 3,253 of them, total), and 352 Superdelegates.

So this thing is still a tossup, and that doesn't even take the possibility of do-overs in Michigan and Florida into account.

But, for now, Obama's momentum seems to have stopped. The tide may have turned in Clinton's favor. I'm on record thinking that's a good thing: putting somebody with Obama's lack of experience in the White House? Not smart.

And yet, I'm torn. If the Democrats nominate Obama, think of the blogging! The sheer volume of mockery! I've got half a column written in my head already, and lemme tell ya, it's a good one!

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