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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ah, the sweet dysfunctionality of the Democratic Party

It's gonna last longer than this Winter has.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Officials in Michigan and Florida are showing renewed interest in holding repeat presidential nominating contests so that their votes will count in the epic Democratic campaign.
The gift that keeps on giving! And here's an angle I hadn't thought of:

Ironically, Michigan and Florida could have held crucial primaries if they had stayed with their traditional later dates. They may yet do so if they decide to hold new contests as Clinton and Obama compete to the wire.
Also ironically, a mainstream media newsroom used the word "ironically" in correct fashion.

Which isn't actually ironic: I only phrase it so to emphasize my point.

Anyway, however they deal with Michigan and Floriday, the Democrats have to hope one of their remaining candidates pulls well away from the other. Because if Obama wins by a very narrow margin, he'll have done so because the DNC disenfranchised two entire states.

Or, if they allow Michigan's and Florida's votes, and Clinton wins by a narrow margin, it'll be because they changed the rules mid-contest.

This is the best election ever.