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Monday, March 17, 2008

More on the do-nothing, do-everything Legislature

The Green Bay Press Gazette is piling on the "do-nothing Legislature" meme with this editorial: "Lawmakers fail on 3 of 5 bills."

Bottom line: We asked for five things. Lawmakers delivered on two, failed on three, and party leaders were the main players in those three failures.
I'd argue that the Legislature succeeded on two, and then I'd argue they successfully prevented two more, and delayed the third until it can be more thouroughly vetted and, possibly, amended.

They were five for five!

And the PG agrees with my method of determining success: one of their "successes" was the arbitrator for cable TV and the NFL. That bill failed, just like the PG wanted, so they call it a success.

The Journal Sentinel has a similar article, with a longer list of bills that passed or didn't.

It makes a nice contrast: Assembly Republicans successfully stopped encroachments on property rights, massive tax increases and government interference in health care; Senate Democrats successfully prevented the elimination of the sick leave benefit, economic development measures, and protection for prison guards from harassment by anonymous complaint.