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Monday, March 17, 2008

"Draconian" cuts...elsewhere

Well that's interesting: Wisconsin is far from alone in having budget problems this year, and according to the New York Times, other states are taking steps we're not:

In most cases, states have moved to cut state spending, particularly in education. Ms. Lav said that eight states are cutting into the budgets for higher education, and nine states are cutting into their financing for primary and secondary education. (There is some overlap between those two groups.)

…Ballooning health care costs have vexed many states over the last decade, and nine are now trimming their Medicaid programs, particularly programs for children.
These things aren't on the table in Wisconsin. And notice this line:

…Many states are cutting government employees or trimming raises.
Things are tough all over. Say, if Governor Doyle had kept his promise to cut back on Wisconsin's government workforce, would we be in this fix today?

Note: those are my own scare quotes in the title. Hat tip FoxPolitics