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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Liveblogging the Big Ten Tournament

And now, in a BBA first...I will attempt to liveblog the Badgers/Illini Big Ten Championship game while simultaneously ignoring several jobs that should really get done around the house and yard.

Tipoff.........geez, nobody can shoot. Two minutes in and no score...Oh, goody, an alley-oop...Oh, come on. Sloppy. OH! GET that weak stuff OUTTAHERE. Slop. Sloppy sloppy. FLOWERS LIGHTING IT UP. Hey, look, a squirrel. Ooh, TWO squirrels. Sloppy sloppy sloppy even on defense. What the hell? Every time Hughes touches the ball they mention his ankles. Oh, look, Hughes took two steps. He's really fighting off those bad ankles. THREE. Gah. NICE.

29-22 Badgers at the half. Here's hoping they come out with a little more focus in the second half.

When do they set the brackets? Will this game have any effect?

Okay, second half. SHOOT! Oh, brick. Klunk. Much more opportunistic, now. Good. Good. Yay! Badgers have a lot of really ugly guys on the team. That's gotta be a good sign. BOOM! I love those blind-side picks. Get...Oh! Oh, get some eyes, ref. Geez. Okay, get a bucket...any bucket...any bucket...let's try running this up some.

Geez, I'm getting bored. No, you may not have the remote back. Another brick. And that one was wide open. Somebody didn't shift right. Oh, THAT was a makeup call. Come on let's get serious now. My team's up 13 points and I want them to get serious. Michael Jordan's kid plays for Illinois? Yipe, that's some pressure. OH COME ON. WE STILL HAFTA PLAY SOME D HERE. Wow, Bohannon can shoot off the dribble. Tick...tick...tick...

Wisconsin 61, Illinois 48. BIG TEN CHAMPS. I should be more excited. How long until we see the brackets now?

I hope you've enjoyed this liveblogging of the Big Ten Championship game, and for the record, I did successfully fail to complete any actual work around the house.

Go Bucky!