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Monday, March 17, 2008

Badger Bites Bytes

That would be news, wouldn't it? A badger biting a byte? Well, until it happens, we still have Badger Bites (or is it Bytes)? Either way, thanks to Lance and Marcus for picking up my slack last week, but now you're stuck with me again.

-Imagine Wigderson's best Joan Crawford impersonation: "No more political yard signs!"

-Shoebox asks whether Obama's Wright problem creates a McCain problem for the conservative right.

-Owen looks at a prime example of the First Amendment being rendered meaningless by campaign finance laws.

-The Nat & Singh, rapidly becoming safer thanks to citizens.

-OTBL nails Jim Cramer to the wall.

-Sean examines the left's newest BushHoover claims and finds them lacking.

-Personally, I think Dean hits the nail on the head.

-Handouts has to be the number one seed in that bracket.

-And so it was written in the book of Revelation that Al Sharpton would become the right winger upon the breaking of the seventh seal.