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Saturday, March 15, 2008

They saw the light at the end of the tunnel...

...but it was a train!

The Capital Times has an editorial today about Florida, Michigan, and the Democrat presidential primary. They figure things will go smoother if those two states are allowed to hold new primaries.

Here's the part that caught my eye:

…it becomes essential that the delegates from these two large states be selected and seated in a manner that is broadly understood as legitimate.

…DNC Chairman Howard Dean seems to be more worried about who will pay for the new primaries than about preventing a train wreck at this summer's convention.
Newsflash to the Cap Times: that's not daylight you're looking at.

If the Democrats allow new primaries in Michigan and Florida, they'd better hope Clinton wins them both. Failing that, they'd better hope Clinton wins the nomination outright, before the national convention.

Otherwise, the Clintons will claim that the rules were changed mid-game, and you can bet they'll put a penny on the tracks.

The only other peaceful solution is for Obama to win by more than Michigan's and Florida's delegate totals – and even then, that's only if those states don't re-vote. Allowing a re-vote, even before the re-vote takes place, could cause momentum to shift Obama's way. That opens the door for the Clintons to call foul.

Obama could cry foul – or, at least, his supporters could – if a Clinton margin of victory comes through superdelegates. Even though she'd have won within the existing rules, grassroots-level activist Democrats aren't going to be happy with that outcome.

Hello, 1968.

Oh, sure, it's possible that one side could do what Nixon did in 1960, what John Ashcroft did in 2000: concede peacefully, even though the results smell bad.

But I think we all expect more from the Democrats. No matter how you cut this thing, it's a train wreck in the making.