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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Aw, dang.

Florida Democrats Won’t Vote Again

WASHINGTON — The Florida Democratic Party chairwoman on Monday officially buried the possibility of redoing the state’s disputed January presidential primary, saying there was no practical or affordable way to conduct a new election.
Shucks. Well, there's still plenty of drama left in this story.

The decision leaves the fate of the state’s 211 Democratic convention delegates in limbo, with no plan on the table for determining whether or how they will be seated at the Democratic National Convention in August. Ms. Thurman said the matter would now go back to the national party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee…
That's more delegates than I thought they had: makes me wonder if anybody really knows how many there are.

Anyway, there's still Michigan:

Michigan Democratic party leaders on Monday proposed legislation to conduct a new primary on June 3 to allocate the state’s 156 delegates. The election would be run by the state but be privately financed.

Mrs. Clinton, of New York, has agreed to the plan; aides to Mr. Obama, of Illinois, have refused to commit to it. It is more uncertain than ever that he will…
…because, in yet another astounding twist:

The party’s rules may disqualify anyone who voted in Michigan’s Republican primary from voting in the Democratic primary — including those who may be Obama supporters who voted Republican because his name was not on the Democratic ballot.
More disenfranchisement! But:

Michigan Democratic officials said the plan for a revote could not move forward unless both campaigns agreed to the proposal in the next day or so.
If not, they'll have to go to the DNC for possible seating, too. Either way, the Dems better hope the eventual margin of victory is bigger than these two delegations.