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Monday, October 15, 2007

Badger Bites, Vol. 1, #4

The weekend is over and a fresh, dreary work week has begun. It is time to take a few bites of the Badgersphere from the past several days.

*Dean asks, "Could Huckabee be Mr. Right?" Read his answer.

*Jessica McBride illustrates why the State Supreme Court race matters.

*Seriously, is there anyone Ed Garvey does get along with?

*Watchdog Milwaukee equates Al Gore with Martin Luther King Jr. And Jimmy Carter.

*Meanwhile, Paul Soglin would like to see Charlie Sykes move to Colorado.

*While Soglin looks for his relocation, Sykes looks at logrolling and the budget.

*Badger Blogger looks back fondly...on the Lautenschlager era. And the comments are worth a read, too.

*A fee for fire calls? Elliot is taking the 'con' side.

*The Appletonian is looking for Fred's substance.

*Ethanol may be all the rage, but Randon10 brings "Biofuel Dependence Dangers."

*Finally for this Monday, Wendy makes the west a generous offer of Lake Michigan water.