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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sidebar Updates In Progress

Since beginning Badger Bites, it has come to my attention that our sidebar was in terrible disarray. Tonight I sat down and began the process of getting it back to right. I've corrected addresses that I knew were wrong and I will be adding new blogs to the blog roll. I knew that we had some cleaning up to do, but I had thought that some of it had already been done, so my apologies for our very much user unfriendly blog roll. It really was a mess.

In going through the blog roll, I was amazed at how many blogs we've seen go by the wayside over the past couple of years. I thought it would be fun to show everyone how many blogs have shut down, merged, or just quietly disappeared by listing all of the blogs I removed tonight. So a moment of silence for the following:

Madness in Madison, Lord Ben's Meandering Diatribes, Removing Doyle, Timmyscape, TaxH8R, Blogs 4 Firefox, Chip and Dale, Cooler Near the Lake, CRG, Dennis York, Daily Perspective, Free Thinking Teachers, Free Will, Gibbsville Unincorporated, Lakeshore Laments, Michael J. Cheaney, Milwaukee Id1ot, Sanity in Madison, Scott Mehring, Spotted Horse 2, Standards & Grudges, Teeth of the Constitution, The Kringlesphere, The Madison Freedom Fighter, Waukesha Blogger, Leaning Blue, From Behind the Cheddar Curtain, Sanna Central, 1832, Brewtown Politico, Dyskeptic, Sadie Says, The Vast Dairy State Conspiracy, What's Left, XOff, and Stand Up and Walk.

Now please bow your heads for a 7 meme salute.