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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Badger Bites Vol. 1, #3

Due to my technical difficulties and resulting frustration on Monday, tonight will be a jumbo sized bite. Enjoy.

*Standing in the Trenches has quietly come back to life. M.E. was amongst the first Wisconsin bloggers I became aware of 'back in the day'.

*Peter asks some of the lingering questions in the wake of the Crandon homicides, and one of his commenters adds some background.

*Jay is in a taxing mood.

*Fraley makes a prediction that will probably be more accurate than his football picks.

*The Daily RAG takes the RINO tag and makes it more specific.

*Dad29 points out the news of another potential airline terrorism dry run.

*Paul Soglin exposes his passion...for Chicago Dogs in Madison.

*Asian Badger gives kudos to-hold onto your hats-Senators Kohl and Feingold.

*Caffeinated Politics gives us a round up of newspaper editorials on the Wisconsin budget.

*Meanwhile, Owen has a couple of thoughts of his own on the budget.

*A link goes to 'Ol Broad because any post containing the line, "MOM! GET YOUR GUN!" is worth reading.

*Dean has a long post on the religious right and 2008, as partially inspired by Playground Politics and Grumps.

*Sometimes it is fun to read a rant. Forward our Motto lays out a wide-ranging baker's dozen.

*I was somewhat cool to the Miller & Coors merger until Plaisted Writes informed us that it meant that Miller "...has jumped in bed with right-wing, anti-union Coors Brewing in Colorado." Seeing that the Miller-owned Leinenkugel's is the adopted beer of the BBA, I can get on board with that.

*Kitties and Khan, a very funny combination at 7 Deadly Sins.

*View from the Cheap Seats closes shop. Good luck and thanks for your views the past couple of years, Billiam.

*Shark and Shepherd has some thoughts on the AMT.