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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another Record Bites the Dust

Brett Favre is now the all-time NFL leader in interceptions thrown, with 278. That breaks George Blanda's record, which stood for 32 years.

And it took Blanda 26 seasons to do it. Favre only needed 18! Take that!

So: of all the major quarterback records, the only one remaining is yardage, and he's looking pretty good there.

Favre started out the season needing 3,862 yards to break Dan Marino's record of 61,361. After today's game, Favre needs 2,147, or an average of 215 yards per game.

Over the first 6 games, he's averaged 285 yards per game. His lifetime average is a smidgen under 240.

He also needs 22 fumbles to break that all-time record, but I think in this case we can all agree that winning games is more important than individual achievements.