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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Let the Favre Watch Begin

As we all know, Packers QB Brett Favre is on the verge of breaking a slew of NFL records.

I'm gonna make a habit of keeping track this season, just so we're all kept informed. You're welcome.

Here's what Favre needs to break (not tie) the following records (according to the NFL's Record Book):

Attempts: 135 (Marino, 8,358)

Yards: 3,862 (Marino, 61,361)

Touchdowns: 7 (Marino, 420)

Interceptions: 5 (George Blanda, 277)

Fumbles: 24 (Moon, 161; Krieg, 153)
With the exception of his rookie year in 1991, Favre has never failed to record more attempts, touchdowns, and interceptions than that.

He has failed to throw for that many yards 5 times in his career (not inlcuding 1991), but he's thrown for at least that much in each of the last 3 seasons.

So it looks good.

Favre already holds the career records for completions, with 5,021, and seasons with over 3,000 yards passing, with 15.

He's also tied for first with four seasons leading the league in touchdowns - one more would put him alone in first there. He's also have to be sacked 61 times to move into 3rd place all time - 93 times to take 1st place.

Here's Favre's stats page.