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Thursday, October 11, 2007

BBA Holiday Party

Clear your schedules now, the BBA Holiday party has been set.

On Sunday 12-30 from noon till whenever the BBA/Cheddarsphere Holiday party will be held at Papa's (the home of Drinking Right).

We have an area reserved with room for 40 to 50 people and 2 big screens for the Packer game. Papa's does 30 to 40 give aways during the game, plus pizza is served at half time.

Please consider bringing a snicky snack or something else to share.

This party is open to bloggers, blog readers or anyone who can actually spell blog. Come one, come all and toast an end to 2007.

Please write a prediction for 2008 and bring it in a sealed envelope. Those predictions will be posted and we will see how good they are at next year's party.

We are more than open for ideas, if people would like to do a gift exchange or something like that, please leave thoughts in the comments section or start the emails!

We'll see you at Papa's on the 30th!