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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What's the standard for getting an opinion piece into the Wisconsin State Journal?

Is there one? This thing by David Redick makes me wonder.

Redick: Wars and the lies that start them

Our presidents, and their complicit henchmen, have lied us into every war since the revolution in 1776.

Their real reasons have not been legal, constitutional, or politically acceptable, so they invent one or more false reasons that they can "sell " to the people.

Sadly, most people believe the lies, and proudly support the "wars for defense. " They can 't imagine that our leaders would be so evil as to spend the lives of our troops to gain their hidden political and economic goals for Empire-USA.

The secret plan of Bush and his gang is to take over all oil in the Middle East so we don 't have to share it with China and India, and to defend Israel at any cost. Control of oil was the hidden reason for the Balkans, Afghan, and Iraq wars.
Wouldn't it be great if, just once, one of these paranoids would document their ravings?

Among other gems of wisdom, Redick tells us that Pearl Harbor was our fault, Vietnam was a war for oil, and the Civil War only ended slavery in the Southern states.

Read the whole thing.