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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

'Cuse Me?

I'll admit, of all the "Top Tier" guys, the one I'll have the hardest time pulling the lever for come primary season is Mitt Romney.

Oh, I know I've said in the past I couldn't vote for McCain, but to be honest with you, it's Romney I have the least amount of respect for. McCain's at least a man of his word, a guy who will willingly take the slings and arrows of political (and real) war.

Romney...well, I just don't get it.

That, or he just seems to be a guy looking for only himself and his political ambitions. Take his well-documented flip-flops on abortion, gay marriage, and so on and on.

Finally, as a personal note, I thought Romney managed the Republican Governors Association extremely poorly last year. The man seemed only interested about giving speeches in states that could help him become President, not electing other Republicans governors of states.

(Yeah, I thought he failed guys like Mark Green, Jim Nussle, and others big time.)

So, it's statements like this from his Communication Director Kevin Madden that make me smile when I realize just how badly this guy's going to go down next year.
National polls would matter a great deal more if there was a national party primary. But there isn’t one. Instead, we have state-by-state primaries and in the early primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire where Republican voters are most engaged, we are in a very strong position.
Iowa and New Hampshire have a piss-poor track record of deciding the GOP nomination. If that were the case, Pat Buchanan would have been the guy in 1996 (New Hampshire), Bob Dole in 1988 (Iowa), and John McCain in 2000 (New Hampshire). South Carolina has a much, more proven track record in recent Presidential cycles.

Plus, "if there was a national party primary?" Clearly the guy has no concept of just how many states are voting on February 5th, does he?