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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Interesting Moments in Marketing History

This is apparently supposed to sell burgers at Clark's Jr. and Hardees (The places are literally the same, just different names.)

Not surprising, this has already raised a bit of controversy, largely among the teaching community. Given recent news events in recent years, this shouldn't be surprising.
A fast food chain’s racy new advertising campaign has left at least one teacher’s organization demanding it be pulled.

The ad for St. Louis, Missouri-based Hardee’s Corporation features a sexy teacher, making provocative moves in front of the class while two students rap to a song called "Flat Buns,” according to a report on

"How irresponsible can you get?” said the Tennessee Education Association in a statement on their website. ”At this very moment, there are female teachers in high school classrooms with 30+ students who are working hard to teach our children so that they can compete in today's world. It is unbelievably demeaning to every one of them to promote a television advertisement showing a young teacher gyrating on top of her desk while boys in the class rap about her body in order to sell hamburgers!"

Hardee’s claims the ad is obviously a spoof, pointing out that the target demographic for the ad is young men who find this type of ad campaign appealing.

The fast-food chain courted controversy before with a provocative hamburger ad featuring Paris Hilton.

Sex sells, doubt it will sell some Patty Melts.