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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More Liberal Loving Kindness

The "Raging Grannies" are a radical-ish (I take it) liberal singing group made up of older women, who perform at various venues around Madison, mostly. They performed at Fighting Bob Fest last weekend. Here's how the paper described them:

The 16 women of a certain age wore bright calico dresses and crocheted shawls, strings of colored beads and aprons, and floppy hats with gaudy flowers. Their leader waved a wooden spoon like a conductor's baton.

But beneath the grandmotherly veneer hid some tough dames with some controversial messages: End the war in Iraq. Impeach the president. Enact universal health care.
If you read way down to the end of the story, you find this little nugget:

At Fighting Bob Fest they sweetly suggested a few things that, if uttered by someone else, might have raised a red flag with the Secret Service.
Nice. I suppose they were talking about counterfeiting money?

Or...was it something else that gets the Secret Service's attention?

"We can say a lot of things and get away with it," said Metje Butler.

"Because we're old," Park said. "But we also do realize that turning people off is not the way to win hearts."