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Friday, September 14, 2007

I need a little help

Okay, a few months ago I talked about doing Wisconsin blogosphere round ups here at the BBA. It didn't happen. I'm not going to waste my time offering up excuses for why it didn't happen, but I'll be able to get going on this now. I need to know three things before I go forward with it, though. First, is this something you'd like to read? If there isn't interest in it, then it isn't worth doing. Second, if we do go forward with it, does anyone have any suggestions for the name? I'm not going to use Carnival of the Badger because that was a nice feature that rotated around Wisconsin blogs and I hope that it can make a comeback one day. If there are some good suggestions, I'll put the name to a vote. Third, if I create and email address for suggesting posts for this twice a week round up, will anyone actually use it? Hit the comments section with your thoughts, please.

UPDATE - Bumped for more comment, says Lance.