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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Re: Misplaced Effort?

Ron Paul seems to be the only one with bumper stickers/yard signs etc up here in the valley. At a Farmer's Market booth I work every weekend we have a customer who is always in Ron Paul gear and I got the trite sports schedule from her. I asked where her stuff comes from if over the Internet or if there is any sort of organized effort up here. She replied her stuff was from over the internet but there is a group of supporters who meet regularly.

I wouldn't call Ron Paul a twoofer but he seems to call to return to a day of splendid and mythical isolation from the world. My understanding is Ron Paul is a blowback guy, that is he believes we got what we deserved for meddling. Not an odd characteristic for his type, Pat Buchannan says the same about Pearl Harbor.

Unfortunately, too many get indignant about the claims and go for the easy and shallow refutation. Instead, I say the point should be conceded yeah its blowback. So what? Do we decline to go after the mafia because their might be a price to pay? Does the brave defendant not testify out of fear of becoming a criminal's target?

The comment about weed supporters pulling for him only goes so far. As soon as one of those guys talks about freedom for those who sell/smoke tobacco they turn cold, ask ET.