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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Where in the world is Tommy Thompson?

Okay, that's probably not a tough question. Of course he's in Iowa. But I can say with complete certainty that this afternoon he was at the National Motorcycle Museum because I literally almost bumped into him.

I was driving back to Wisconsin today on Highway 151 in Iowa when I and another person saw the exit for Anamosa. He asked that I stop off there at the museum, which I did. We walked through it and after a while, I gave up the ghost and sat on a bench at the enterance. I was flipping through some tourism brochures when I got a little irritated by a group that came in and got into my reading light. I looked up to glare at them and saw Thompson walking past, about a foot and a half from me. I decided to hold off on the glare.

We talked with someone at the museum a little bit, and Thompson and his group were taking the tour and also scoping it out as a future campaign stop. I would't expect anything less than vintage Thompson rolling up on his own motorcycle sometime this summer. And if you are a motorcycle nut, it is a great museum and just a short drive from the Wisconsin border.

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