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Friday, May 04, 2007

McGee Sr. Suspended from Airwaves

Looks like he might not be coming back from this one. Though, many thought something similar in 2004 when he was suspended for using obscenity on the air.

Jerrel Jones, the owner of radio station WNOV-AM (860) has barred talk show host Michael McGee Sr. from the air indefinitely because of the "deplorable" remarks McGee made yesterday about the death of Katherine Sykes.

Sykes, the mother of Charlie Sykes, who has a show on WTMJ-AM (620), died in a fire in her home on Tuesday.

During his "Word Warriors" program Thursday, McGee said Katherine Sykes deserved her tragic fate and suggested that her son was responsible.

"I thought the statement was terrible," Jones said late Friday afternoon. "It was ridiculous and the timing was absolutely deplorable.

"The remark was disgusting."

Jones said he would meet with McGee Saturday morning to discuss the former Milwaukee alderman's offensive comments and the prospects of his return to the air.

McGee buys his time on the station that Jones has owned since 1972.

Jones took McGee's show off the air for a short period in 2004 after he used an obscenity during the "Word Warriors" show.

In this instance, Jones has not determined whether he will allow McGee back on the air.

"I am going to make sure that never happens again," Jones said. "I will guarantee myself that.

"I don't know just what course of action that I will have to take."

Biggest shock in all this, Tim Cuprisin, who's not the biggest Sykes fan in the world, completely backs WNOV's move.