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Friday, May 01, 2009

You get the government you deserve the Milwaukee Version

A $16 increase on the fee of rental cars in Milwaukee and Kenosha and Racine to pay for some of their Choo Choo to Chicago.

Than you top that with 1% increase in sales tax in Milwaukee County. To pay for transit, parks and emergency medical services in Milwaukee County. Two appointed boards with taxing authority.

I think this is a totally fair way to do this if Milwaukee wants this silly stuff let Grumps and Jay and Capper pay for it. I love the fact that for once the Socialists are the ones getting stuck with the bill.

The Socialists in Milwaukee voted for these politicians who just stuck it too them so they are getting what they deserve.

Now we smart people who live in Waukesha Ozaukee and Washington Counties need to be vigilant to make sure they do not try and include us in this stupid RTA. I for one have no intention of paying a dime to help Milwaukee build their Choo Choo or anything else for that matter if I can help it. Now I would be willing to chip in to build a wall around Milwaukee County if we could ;)

You get the Government you deserve. I hope all our Socialist readers who live in Milwaukee enjoy paying their new tax increase.

"Stick it too them" the new Milwaukee County Motto. Oh and you know the Out State Socialists just love bending Milwaukee County over the table and "Sticking it too them"

Today has been a very good day and it is not even 9:30am yet