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Friday, May 01, 2009

Another Example of: All the animals are equal but some are more equal than others #2

"Hamilton agrees to tentative deal in abuse case "

Hmmm A city Alderman pimp whips a 6 year old child with a coat hanger and gets no jail time. Nice hell the charge gets dropped and he gets a "clean slate" The man is going to totally get away with this. Sad just sad.

Best line of the story from the Alderman's lawyer, Atty. Michael Chernin rejected any suggestion that his client was offered a deferred prosecution deal because he is a prominent politician.

"There's no favoritism involved in this," he said.
No favoritism my fat suburban ass or is pimp whipping 6 year old girls an accepted practice in Milwaukee?

You stay Classy Milwaukee

Where are the calls for him to resign if my Alderman or Alderwoman was guilty of this I would be screaming for them to step down. Why should I not be surprised that there is not outrage from Milwaukee Voters over this.

Once again it amazes me the asshats you Milwaukee Voters will suffer along with just because they are from a protected racial or ethnic group.

Just another example of why Milwaukee Sucks