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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let's make sure we only blame the gun in this shooting

"A Milwaukee police officer suffered multiple gunshot wounds in an exchange of fire with a man who displayed a handgun during a mid afternoon dispute, then ran when police attempted to arrest him."

Now I am sure all we will hear from those socialists who shall not be named and most likely Mayor Barrett that this is all the 9mm hand gun that was used to shoot the officer fault. Because we know that inanimate machines plan and commit crimes all the time. But as usual the Socialists and Mayor Barrett will be wrong.

You know who we should be blaming for this Police Officer getting shot?

Judges that is right the Judges who kept putting this mope back on the street

A couple of important lines from the MJS story:

"The suspect, 45, also was wounded. He previously pointed a gun and attempted to fire at Milwaukee police in January 2000 and is on federal probation for that offense, according to a Milwaukee Police Department news release."


"The suspect's record includes arrests for robbery, aggravated battery, burglary, drug possession and carrying a concealed weapon, police said."

The question has to be asked why was this piece of human garbage walking the streets. Oh and you will note that the Criminal the judges refused to lock up ignored a number of gun laws that were already on the books, being a felon on Parole he did not have the right to possess that weapon. The anti guns peoples answer to this will be to restrict law abiding citizens access to guns instead of asking why was this guy not in prison for his past crimes.

If we had a system that had gun crime laws like I have advocated use a gun in a crime you start with 20 years right off the top this asshole is still in prison and that officer would have went home last night.

But the left never wants to blame the criminals or the weak judges they will continue to blame the inanimate object and try and take away or restrict our rights.

Spend you time worrying about taking the criminals off the streets instead of trying to take away law abiding peoples guns and a lot of the crime problems would go away.